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Thats simple. All of our CBD products are sourced right here in the heart of the United States and even here in our home state of Kentucky. We have partnered with some amazing business to bring you the best CBD products available at the best prices. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We want you to feel 100% confident in your CBD purchases. 


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Are SSE oils pure?

This is an excerpt from our oil supplier on the answer to this question. We have ordered from the for many years and there quality has never waivered.

Short Answer: Yes.

Here’s the problem with the simple, short answer:

“Purity” in and of itself has meaning in terms of pesticides and chemical contaminants, but does not address the pervasive issue of adulteration wherein an otherwise pure essential oil can legally be diluted with a pure vegetable oil or less expensive essential oils and still be called pure as far as labeling requirements are concerned.

A Certificate of Analysis (COA) can give assurance of purity in terms of pesticides and chemicals, etc. As far as adulteration is concerned, the only way to have assurance for that is with Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrograph (GCMS) analysis. A link to each oil's COA is made available in the product description on our site.

It is our position that any purveyor can say that they test all of their oils, but it is another thing to specify as to what they are testing them for and then provide the documentation that proves it. It is a considerable expense that most companies do not wish to incur so they accept the testing that is provided by the distiller, which shows their sources, so they will not release the paperwork. It’s also a bit like letting the fox watch the henhouse! Independent testing is the only way around the issue and that is the EOX process.

What is Therapeutic Grade ?

It is helpful to know that certain essential oil sellers have filed various trademarked permutations of the term “therapeutic grade” so that they can claim they are the only ones that have that particular grade of material. However, anyone really giving it any thought will come to the realization that a company having filed a trademark in an attempt to control a particular type of wording offers in no way any kind of validation for the actual quality of product.

“Therapeutic grade” has absolutely zero meaning under the law (no matter what any brand may state), so any company can claim that and there is no way to refute it, because there is no legal definition.

Q.Are your oils organic?

A. As you may know, USDA Organic status is quite an expensive little label for any company to pay for. At times, a USDA Organic essential oil may actually be less vibrant and beneficial for health than a small batch artisan essential oil; the same is true of carrier oils. Organic labelling laws vary from country to country. Organic labelling of products manufactured in a select few other countries, including China, allow for a certain amount of pesticides and other contaminants. So, look to see where the country of origin is located on the label, and do careful research on the company who is producing the oil.
Although therapeutic-grade carrier oils are often organic, this isn’t a necessary component of the rating: whether they’ve been organically or conventionally grown, look for carrier oils which been grown, harvested, cold-pressed and stored using optimal techniques designed to preserve the greatest range of active constituents. 

A Certificate of Analysis (COA) will give assurance of purity in terms of pesticides and chemicals, etc. We have a COA available for every one of our essential oils. You’ll find it just above the price and size selection.

  1. How are your essential oils extracted?
  2. Most of the essential oils are extracted by steam distillation of pure plant material under natural pressure. The citrus fruit oils are obtained by cold-pressing the peels of the fruits, with exception of the lime oil which is steam distilled.
  3. Are your oils adulterated?
  4. No, not in any way. We do not dilute or adulterate oils. If you wish to cut them with a carrier oil for topical use, as recommended, you must do that yourself. We will never, ever adulterate an oil.


Simple. Just contact us at sacresoulessentialsvip@gmail.com and we will be happy to fix any issues you may be having.