Bamboo Sugar Cane - Wool Dryer Ball Scent- Wool Dryer Balls-

  • $6.00

Wool Dryer Ball Scent- Bamboo Sugar Cane - Wool Dryer Balls

Want to freshen up your laundry without the added chemicals? Add our wool dryer ball scents to our WOOL DRYER BALLS and enjoy the aroma :)

This listing does no include dryer balls. Dryer balls are sold separately

Our wool dryer ball scents come in 3 different sizes for your convenience and are made of the finest essential and fragrance oils (phthalate free). The life of each bottle will depend on you and your scenting preferences. Typically, the 15ml bottles will last you approximately 30 loads when using 2 drops/per ball with our six pack of dryer balls. This number will all depend on you and how often you scent the dryer balls. Please keep this in mind when using the scents.


We also have a ton of other scent options that can easily be found in our shop, with more to come!