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Chakracology Course PLUS

Get certified. Becoming a Chakracology Therapist!

With this version, you will receiveyourone programbook filled with information, lessons, quizzes, the final test exam as soon as you join! You willalsoreceive:

* Seven Chakra Semi-Precious Gemstones
* Aura Layer Meditation Cards
* Crystal Elixir Oil
* Aura Vibrational Myst
* Energy Bracelet
* and a FREE Gift Bag!
These tools will allow you to start work right away by applying what you are learning with the workbook and manual!

We invite you to participatein what may be one of the most valuable experiences of your life!

We hope this helps in your questfor a wonderful, educationalChakra Therapy Certification Programthat will benefit you and all those you touch!

This incredible course curriculum includes:

1. Chakra Overview
2. Chakra History
3. Techniques
4. Three Connectors
5. Anatomy of the Chakra
Includes associations, colors, crystals, yoga, acupuncture, meditations, mental, physical, emotional aspects, flower essence, aromatherapy, locations, governing bodies, visceral associations, astrological signs, mind associations, spiritual guidance, physical approaches to healing and balancing our etheric energy source.

a. Root Chakra
b. Spleen/Sacral Chakra
c. Solar Plexus Chakra
d. Heart Chakra
e. Throat Chakra
f. Third Eye/Brow Chakra
g. Crown Chakra

6. Beyond the Seven Chakra
7. Practical: Palm Chakra
8. The Basis of Healing
9. Color Ray Rainbow Healing
10. Practical: Color Light Meditation
11. Practical: Cycles of Light
12. Healing Herbs and their Chakra

“I really enjoyed the coursework and thought the materials were well organized and will provide a great reference for me going forward.”

Kate Paulson

Certified Chakracology Therapist

13. Chakra Aura Aromatherapy
14. Blending Oils
15. Oils Chart
16. Chakra and Candle Therapy
17. Color Chart for Candles Therapy
18. Foods Classified by Color
19. Full Spectrum Diet
20. Chakra Elixirs
21. Recipe Cards
22. Chakra and Flower Essences
23. How to Take Flower Essences
24. Archangels and Chakras
25. Connecting with Angels
26. Chakra Angel Compendium
27. Chakra Aura Meditation Cards
28. Chakra and Acupressure Points
29. Chakra Massage
30. Chakra and Astrology
31. Planetary Chakra
32. Chakra Meditation, “I”
33. Your Chakracology Healing Session
34. Forms
35. Products
36. Finale Exam